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Banjo Tooie is the spectacular follow up to Banjo Kazooie boasting an improved level design, level complexity and awesome new features such as multiplayer capabilities. The game continues the wacky story of the original but set two years later with the original and begins with the evil sisters of Gruntilda, Mingella, and Blobbelda. The final boss from Banjo Kazzoie indeed has siblings that have come to seek vengeance and release her from her magical boulder prison.

banjo tooie

Rare first began development for Banjo Tooie not long after the original release of Banjo Kazooie and also made use of features that were developed but not implemented into the final game such as multiplayer mode. The creative similarities between Banjo and the smash hit Donkey Kong don’t just stop at the crazy world both games are set in, The music and sound fx were composed by the same producer.

The game itself was a huge success on release and managed to sell over 3 million units worldwide. The graphics and level design for its time were some of the best available on the Nintendo 64 with its rich textures and long drawing distance. This, however, may have highlighted the hardware limitations of the Nintendo 64 as critics were quick to point out a problem with frame rates.

Banjo Kazzoie as a franchise is still popular among the retro gaming audience as can be seen as the frequent request for a Banjo Kazzoie Games and The Banjo Tooie Sequel. Retro gaming roms are often synonymous with speed runners who take the challenge to complete games as quick as possible. Due to this Banjo Tooie roms are often in more demand than the original cartridge as the software needed to track times or often the necessity to run the required version for authenticity makes it better suited.

banjo tooie cartridge


Banjo Tooie is a phenomenal game with a great sense of humor which is even evident a pun in the title. Retro Games are hugely popular but often is the case the mainstream focus is on the games that invoke the greatest feeling of nostalgia. Today’s mainstream games are much more advanced thanks to huge advancements in both hardware and software. consoles are vastly superior, Cartridges/discs can hold huge amounts of data allowing for greater depth and detail in the world the game is trying to immerse ourselves in. However one of the main reasons Banjo Tooie roms and Banjo Kazooie roms exist isn’t just nostalgia or trying to be “retro” It’s the element of humor and lightheartedness that is often not the main characteristics of modern day gaming. Today’s games strive for more realism or unique mechanics or insane depth and storytelling but games like Banjo Tooie focus on making us laugh and that’s why Banjo Tooie roms will remain and be in demand for a long time.

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