Banjo Tooie Walkthrough

Banjo Tooie Walkthrough

Banjo-Tooie is certainly one of the most memorable, exciting and fun adventure platform games of the year 2000. This is already the second part of the game, which was previously a cover of the Nintendo 64 exclusive version. The Xbox 360 version was released later in 2009. There are a lot of games, so let’s talk about the Banjo Tooie Walkthrough tutorial in this article.

Due to the friendliness of the game characters, developers have high hopes for the enthusiasm of the game to become a public on the international stage. That’s why developers started moving directly in the second part of the game immediately after Banjo-Kazooie was released. The game collects a lot of items and hides them, making Banjo Tooie Walkthrough a must-have for anyone who wants to try the game.

Continuous plot

In the last game, he found himself locked with a wicked witch, Gruntilda, on a hill next to a rock, but he heard her call her followers to save her from prison. Two years after the event, Banjo and Kazooie played poker with their friends Mumbo Jumbo and Bottles in the Banjo house in the desert. They don’t know how Gruntilda’s sisters Mingella and Blobbelda appeared in their large excavator Hag1.

Then they succeeded in destroying the rock of Grutilda with the magic spell they cast. Two years ago, when his sister was imprisoned, Grutilda’s body was corroded because it now became a skeleton. Gruntilda angrily destroyed Banjo’s house and quickly fled the scene.


Fatal tragedy

Mumbo Jumbo, Banjo and Kazooie were able to escape the attack, but unfortunately, Bottles decided to stay and thought that everything was a joke, but the explosion caused his fatal death. The three friends vowed to defeat the villain Grutirda and eventually ended all his terrible plans.

Walk along the road of the witch

When friends followed the traces of the evil witch, they arrived at a small town called Jinjo on Witch Island. It is here that King Jingaling, the king of all Jinjos, explained that all his residents were frightened by Hag1 and hidden in the entire island. Players will receive the first two Jiggies of the game and use the symbolic form as a thank-you gesture to help find the theme.

High power machine

At the same time, in a cautious place, the sisters of Gruntilda showed him a huge electric machine called “Big-O-Blaster” or B.O.B, which absorbed the life of any life target that was touched. King Jingaling’s first test turned it into a terrible zombie. What surprised her eyewitnesses was that the evil witch planned to shoot the machine for a long time to hit the entire island and use the stolen vitality to restore her body.

Klungo’s Gruntilda’s loyal knight has a mission to stop the two from arresting him. However, this did not happen as expected, after the terrible beatings after Gruntilda was lost by Banjo and Kazooie, he gave up the witch and set aside them aside. The player now goes to the Gruntilda Fortress to face it again.

Arriving at the fortress

Located in Keep Cauldron is the Gruntilda Fortress. Banjo and Kazooie face the witch and her problems in the competition “Tragic Quiz” game and the answer to the loss in the team will be smashed by tons of heavyweight sisters. Once the player manages to defeat the two sisters, they will be crushed, but Glen Tilda once again managed to escape.


Controlling the B.O.B. machine, the duo reversed its effects and used its special power to resurrect the bottle and King Jingaling. Then they celebrated with their new partner Klungo at the Bottle House. Then the two entered the upper half of the fortress and managed to defeat Grutilda. They make sure to destroy most of them, including the Hag1 drill.

A twisted plot

Both the banjo and Kazooie returned to the bottle to take home the name she bears, Mambo, Jamjars and other friends of Wumba, only to find that they have not celebrated his existence. This event disillusioned them, instead they boldly fortressed Caldero’s top as they heard Gruntilda announce his revenge playing Huck game with the head.


The importance of the Banjo Tooie Walkthrough tutorial

If you are a newcomer to the game, A Banjo Tooie Walkthrough is absolutely essential for your travels. With the Banjo Tooie Walkthrough, you won’t be lost on the road to defeating the evil forces of this virtual world. There are many things to consider because it follows a non-linear type of game, so the banjo exercise is a must-read for those who are about to start the game.

The game is very challenging and challenging, but with great determination and a step-by-step process of reading Banjo Tooie Walkthrough, you can complete the game in a short amount of time. This does not mean that you can think of the game as a casual game, but it will take you to your destination.

Tutorial Three String Tooie is your tool for success and can be shared while your friends who have difficulty completing the game. Collect items to learn new skills in the game, and enjoy what the Walkman Tojo Hideo Banjo trumpet calls to all interested fans for free.

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